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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

@TheSMBoyce Shares Her #WriteTip for Researching Your Story #AmWriting #BookMarketing

Heyo! I'm S. M. Boyce, author of Lichgates and the rest of the books in the Grimoire Saga.
Today I'm going to give you some pointers on how to do research that is crucial to your story. Without proper research, a story will lack what’s called verisimilitude—the tidbits of real-life that make it all seem real. These elements allow readers to suspend belief and fall headfirst into your tale.

While it’s crucial to research and understand your world (be it a fantasy land or modern Earth), how you approach research usually depends on your writing style.

The writing process is different for everyone. Some people get an idea and start writing instantly. Others, like me, outline the entire thing before starting on the first paragraph. If you are the type that outlines, research is going to be much easier for you and you'll be able to get most of it out of the way before you begin to write.

For many, research can be an arduous task, but for some it can actually be an inspiration. So, for those of you who don't outline, the research might help you fill in the gaps of your story, effectively building an impromptu outline in your head.

Tip #1: Chunk it!
When you research, I suggest you lump topics together and work through them one-by-one. So, if you are researching the rainforests of the world, types of horses, and a foreign culture, work through each topic separately so that you can keep your facts straight in your mind.

Tip #2: Stay Organized
Notes are extremely important when doing research. Some prefer the notecard method when taking notes; others prefer a big notebook or the freedom of a word document. Whatever your method is, stick to it and stay as organized as possible.

Scrivener, a program used for writing, actually lets you keep all your research notes with your story.  For those of you who don't use this program, you may want to look into it. Though it has a heck of a learning curve, it’s incredibly useful once you get the hang of it. You can do just about every step of the writing process from this one program.

Stay focused, Boyce

Back on the subject of researching. Sorry.

It's important to save the locations of your resources so that you can refer back to them. Most internet browsers will let you create a folder in your bookmark tab. Do this and create one just for the links to research sources for the book you are working on. If you are using non-digital sources, keep a list of the materials you've used with your notes.

As you work through each resource, label the notes you take so that you know where they came from. This will help later if you need to refresh your memory on certain facts.

Even though you are doing most of your research before you write the book, you will likely have to go back to it at some point during your writing. Research is an important part of writing. Even if you are making up a world of your own, you will need to research one thing or another. This process is what helps bring our stories to life and it's also what gives our stories some amount of credibility in the reader's mind.

Let’s open the floor. What are some of your best researching tips?


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