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Friday, February 14, 2014

Author Interview – Sebastiana Randone @sebasti29567440

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If you could do any job in the world what would you do?
I would love to direct/choreograph theatre with a large budget at hand.
What makes you angry?
Deregulated money markets, where unscrupulous investment gurus reign supreme and climate change denial.
What’s your next project?
Working on novel “The other side” set in New York late 80’s, a paranormal romance mystery based on vengeful ghosts.
A wall street ‘Ponzi’ scheme trader meets and falls for a contemporary dancer one night in peculiar circumstances. Whilst unknown to him, his life is being manipulated by the vengeful ghost of his dead wife. The dancer has her own trials, perpetrated by the ghost of her embittered showgirl mother, who in pursuit, is also hell bent on causing problems. His past catches up with him (largely orchestrated by the wife), and drives a wedge between the love match.  Realizing that her daughter’s happiness is being sabotaged by this meddlesome wife, the dancer’s mother regrets her own part, and to make amends, akin to a game of chess, pre empts and circumvents the vindictive wife’s plots.
What would you love to produce in your life?
My life to this point has been very productive in that I have continuously devised, choreographed and performed in dance works since 1987.  At least 50 such projects exist in my achievement box.  Then there is a suitcase of water colours and ink drawings I have produced, including the numerous framed paintings in my house, as well as, scattered all over the world in houses of friends. Now it is literature that is drawing my attention, I would love to produce at least 5 books, based on the ideas I have collected so far.
I have an interest in the occult (for artistic uses only) and mystical themes so I can see myself working in that genre for a while to come. That is if my finances hold up.  Art is a very expensive pursuit.   
How do you feel about self-publishing?
I think it is liberating for the writer, as there no longer exists the barriers of publishing houses.  In the past, it was harder to self publish, and one relied heavily on the choices that publishers made.  This I imagine meant that a great deal of books remained dormant in cupboards. I believe there have been many a great work (too many to mention) in the history of literature that have been overlooked and declined by publishers.
This freedom has delivered a multitude of books. The problem with a market swamped with so much choice however, is that it is difficult to be noticed.  
With the advent of technology, mainstream and quirky individual works of art are all fighting for space, and screaming out to be heard. And as with everything in life, often it is those with the most cash that get noticed and are most likely to sell books. 
The House is an adult fairy tale rich in mystery and intrigue.
Here is a tale of a woman so absorbed with historical novels that her own reality ceases to offer any hope of romance and beauty.
Until one day this dreamy idealist finds herself in a mysterious forest. How she arrived there is unknown. Soon she encounters a dilapidated house, within whose ancient walls magical rooms that transport to parallel worlds lie in wait.  There she is transmigrated to 18th century England, where our heroine interacts with an odd mix of characters whose dysfunctional lives become immediately apparent.
Her first tribulation involves a nefarious lord, an archetype of the monstrous characters one encounters in fairy tales. The ramification from this confrontation sets the tone for the narrative.
A magic portal finally enables escape from the austere Georgian dwelling. She is then spirited back to the enigmatic house, and a journey to Regency London follows, where a large cast of eccentric identities present themselves.
Late one night, following a long stay in Florence, a young, heart-broken poet arrives. His introduction to the beautiful time traveller offers promise of restoration and love. But there are several more obstacles ahead before her destiny in this curious adventure is made apparent.
In the end an unexpected twist is revealed. But like all good fairy tales, this surprising conclusion is pleasing, even though the means of getting there are dark, and at times sinister.
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Genre - Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Rating - PG-16
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