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Sunday, April 14, 2013

SD O’Donnell – 10 Things I Wish I Knew

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author I Didn’t Know Before

by SD O’Donnell

  1. Having an idea isn’t the same thing as having a whole story.Everyone thinks they have a great idea for a book, usually not much more than a plot point or two. When these people offer to split the profits equally if they give me the idea and I write it, my answer is: give me 100% of the story and I’ll do 100% of the writing. Only then can we call it even.
  2. Writing a novel is hard work.It isn’t easy to write day-in, day-out. To adjust between days when the words just won’t stop flowing and days where you memorize the dust specs on your monitor because you’ve stared at it so long without doing anything. To rewrite and rethink and edit the same piece of work over and over until it’s ready to share is just plain hard work.
  3. Let your characters come through.It’s too easy to instill our own voices into every character and narrative of a story. Don’t do it. Not only does it get boring when everyone and everything sounds the same, it isn’t realistic.
  4. Having others edit your work is essential.You need to edit your work yourself to the point you don’t think it can get any better or tighter. Then give it to a professional (a friend or someone hired). If what you thought was perfect comes back bathed in red, then you know good things are about to happen.
  5. Think for yourself.You can’t do without editing but never give up your vision of your work. What editors recommend can be right or wrong. Sometimes what they’re suggesting points out a problem that you need to understand and fix in a different way. But you need to be the final say because no one knows your story or characters as well as you.
  6. It isn’t easy to call it done.Once you get into the swing of editing, you see possible improvements everywhere. But at some point, you’ve got to say “It’s done.” Accept that it’s good, just the way it is and get it published.
  7. Your family and friends are vital.They are essential for moral support and encouragement while you’re writing your book. They are the first to read your book and, hopefully, the first guerilla marketers for selling your book. Treat them well and buy them good wine. They deserve it.
  8. You have to put time and effort into selling your book.This is true, even if you have a publishing contract. Unless you’re an A-list author, the publicity budget to sell your book will be small, if it exists at all. Whose going to push your book into people’s awareness, if not you? And who better?
  9. You must learn to love social media.A big part of item #8 includes spreading word about your book into as many corners of the social media outlets as possible. You and your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc. are going to be spending a lot to time together. Might as well learn to love it.
  10. Don’t be shy.By nature, I’m an introvert. You wouldn’t know that by watching me, now that I have a book I want people to know about. I hand out bookmarks and plug my book every chance I get. People ask me questions about being an author or publishing a book and I share with great detail. Feel free to brag. Being vain is okay when done with humility.

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