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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Writing to me is … by Karin Cox

Writing to me is …
by Karin Cox  

...a necessary part of working through my own issues and keeping me sane. Strangely, I often feel like I hate writing while I am doing it. I’m like Dorothy Parker—“I hate writing; I love having written.” But writing is such a cathartic experience in many ways. I am one of those weird creatures who finds editing much easier than writing (it comes with my day job as a freelance editor), so grinding out the first draft can be a real chore because I obsess over details and nitpick words. Often I even convince myself to quit.

I’ve recently found an excellent program called Write or Die, which has forced me to just let go and write, rather than be constantly in “edit mode.” I set it to a function called Kamikaze, which means it starts eating my words if I pause for too long. I know this would tip some writers over the edge, but for me, it stops me over-thinking things. I then tidy scenes up afterwards when I edit, and I enjoy that part of the process a lot more.

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