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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Inside the Mind of JD Combs

Inside the mind of JD Combs

I’m not sure anyone deserves to be subjected to the inner workings of my mind.  It’s a messy, messy place; very disorganized and jumbled.  There are so many days where I wish I had a mind that resembled a well-organized kitchen.  You know the kind of space I’m talking about…one where everything has a place and everything is in its place.  I’m sorry to say that’s not what my mind looks like.

Instead, my mind looks like a tornado just blew through.  Or the thought of a tornado doesn’t suit your fancy, you could liken the inside of my mind to Carrie Bradshaw’s bedroom after she’s gone through her closet looking for the perfect outfit to wear out with Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda.  Whichever scene you want to imagine is exactly what my mind looks like on any given day.

Words, sentences, picture and scenes all flit effortlessly into my head and then just as effortlessly, they flit out.  Those things are like a butterfly looking for the perfect flower to find.  They don’t find it inside my head so those things skedaddle right on out before they have a chance to get sucked into the giant void of my brain.

It is precisely because nothing stays put in my messy brain for very long that I write.  I write as often as I can and as much as I can so I don’t lose what little I have upstairs.  It’s the only way to stay just a little sane with the God given brain I have.

When I write, thoughts become crisper and cleaner.  Images come into focus.  Sentences become longer, leaner and they gain meaning when I write.  Scenes in my head turn into paragraphs, which then become chapters.  Chapters go from bare bones to soft, warm and fleshy.  Those chapters then morph into novels.  Writing makes the demons in my head clean house a little.

When I take the time to sit and write down my mind turns into the well-organized kitchen in my dreams.  I can see a place for everything and everything in its place.  I can quiet the tornado sirens and banish Carrie Bradshaw’s closet to far recesses of my brain when I sit down to write.  I couldn’t think of a better way to quiet my mind and keep things organized than to write and write and write.  I couldn’t think of a more lovely way to live my life than as that of a writer.

Charley, a devoted wife and mother of five, has a life that looks picture perfect to those around her. But years of living life in a neglected marriage make her question her relationship with her husband. Charley spends sleepless nights writing in her journal and trying to find happiness in the life she has. She’s not sure she can continue living a dull, loveless life anymore.
When an old high school crush strikes up a conversation on the Internet, an innocent flirtation begins. Charley begins to, once again, feel alive and vibrant, but she quickly learns not everything is what it seems. Will her naiveté in the online world propel her toward the point of no return? Will the woman who seemed to have it all lose it in the blink of an eye? Or will Charley finally find the happiness she’s been craving?

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Genre –  Romantic Suspense

Rating – R (adult language / sexual scenes)

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