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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jim Musgrave – Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction Writers

Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction Writers

by Jim Musgrave

I am an independent publisher and an independent writer.  I’ve also been published by Harcourt-Brace.  That makes me a person who can compare and contrast what needs to be done to compete with the major publishers.  First of all, self-published authors are succeeding in ebook sales.

There are things that have to be done to succeed, however, and here they are:

  • Get your work professionally edited.
  • Get your cover done by a professional cover artist.
  • Get a web site and social web site to promote your book.
  • Promote your book through any means necessary (for both your budget and your genre).

If these four areas are covered, and you have a popular book, then there is no reason why you can’t compete with the big publishers in today’s market.

Also, consider trying another format for your book.  I decided to get audiobooks done for my series, and the result was quite positive.  Read the blog post on this

Jim Musgrave

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